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21 Sep 2021
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Specification of N-Mini 2

Sleek in design and innovative functions, EntryPass Networked MiNi-2 (and-MiNi 2) out-doing many rivals in the same class. Then-MiNi2 is the next generation, high reliability, high efficiency and integrated dual controller applications with an integrated reader, screen and keypad that is targeted to a wide spread of physical access control card with a capacity of 30000 and 80000 users memory of the event.
The device was engineered with the operational modeSmart double for physical access control in authentication that enables rapid and reliance server online; and the hours of time that reduces the cost of conventional implementation needed to achieve the 2 devices. With the touch of a button on the device, the user can switch the operational modes are free when they want to.

Made to endure tough aspects of the environment such as dust, moisture and water, it covers the touch keypad activated quickly and is designed to minimize theanti scratch coating with wear and tear.

Dynamic Storage Allocation (DSA)
DSA empowers you to modify factory settings of the card holder and storage database when required for configuration.

Dual Mode Operation (DOM)
n-MiNi2 provides methods of reconfiguration is very easy through the controller's default mode of operation. Mode of operation controls the function of the controller for lingkungan certain applications. By default, n-MiNi2 supports dual-environment applications, namely physical access control door and forward the clock time.
Switch to the new mode is as easy as clicking a button with EntryPass Application Server platform1. This function allows Your distributors to streamline their inventory without keeping a variety of hardware in stock.
Secure Network Connectivity
n-MiNi2 come embedded ethernet port with 128bits AES encryption for konektivitas up to 100Mbps. In addition, the embedded Ethernet port is equipped with dual-sensing capability that provides excellence of self adaptation to low-speed networks such as 10Mbps automatically.
To improve the quality of the data to the control panel, Harbour RJ45 Ethernet embedded also has a built-in Pulse Transformer to reduce the Width of the voice data from the network that may affect data quality.
Active Transmission Event
Rather than keep the transaction event in memorywait for the host server for the poll, n-MiNi2 actively sends the event back as it happens. Compared to conventional polling architecture, asynchronous communication reduces bandwidth requirements significantly when operating over a network.
Both the host server and n-MiNi2 Active connectivity among network monitoring, failure between the host server and n-MiNi2 will trigger warnings, pushing the action immediately.

Peer-To-Peer global Antipassback
Similar to peer-to-peer (P2P) technology adopted a communication network without the need for central coordination instances (host server), your location status card holder you are distributed among the controller as it happens, members of the Group fired with update checker in the first instance, a total of 16 controllers can be added to the same group to achieve global antipassback control.

Built-in Web Configuration Pager/> Web configuration page built-in can be accessed through an Internet browser compatible (Internet Explorer recommended). To improve security, after the initial IP configuration is done through the web configuration page, the web page could not be accessed again. If a configuration error was made, reset to factory default to do.

Reader Output Control
3rd party readers that come with (buzzer LED/audio reader reader) visual feedback of balik can now be controlled by n-MiNi2 on any event access sustained (into or out of the access door are controlled). Our readers are equipped with the capability of monitoring tamper; where it is monitored and automatically alerts the system once tampered with to request further action by your system administrator.

Multi-Bits/Proprietary Format
Working with proprietary formats no longer nightmare. Together, the Application Server EntryPass platform1 and n-MiNi2 provides a flexible way for system integrators to work with proprietary format card with ease. A visual tool from within the application server allows you to reconfigure the way proprietary cards must read and process the input with n-MiNi2 Wiegand.

Door Interlocking *
N-MiNi2 provides up to 2 interconnecting door variations.
On Board the HCB with 4 readers able to do internationall 2-door connected the control panel itself.

Fully Configurable Input
n-MiNi2 has 4 configurable Digital input/users tracked via paired DRB. Each of these are configured for different functions such as door sensor, the request-to-exit inputs and the signal fire. Depending on the application, the system administrator can now freely assign roles of each input for proper use.

>Base Event Trigger (EBT) **
Based on the type of event to happen in the controller (e.g. card valid pass, door left open, security is off etc), system administrators can now freely configure output available to react on certain types of events.

User count
With this feature, the system administrator can easily configure the controller to allow a certain amount of

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