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GPS Guard Tour Patrol System (WM 5000P5+)
GPS Guard Tour Patrol System (WM 5000P5+)
GPS Guard Tour Patrol System (WM 5000P5+)
GPS Guard Tour Patrol System (WM 5000P5+)
GPS Guard Tour Patrol System (WM 5000P5+)
GPS Guard Tour Patrol System (WM 5000P5+)
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Sell GPS Guard Tour Patrol System (WM 5000P5+)

Specification of GPS Guard Tour Patrol System (WM 5000P5+)

WM5000P5 + is a Patrol guard with a system that is already cangggih. This tool is great for a very wide patrol area (Wide Area) like patoli city. These products have already adopted the system of GPS (Global Positioning System) so that the officer can always be observed his presence in the control room.

WM5000P5 + can be used widely in many areas, such as Checking Electrical Transmission Cable & Telecommunications management, check out the fiber cables & management and check oil & Pipeline Management Etc. so this product is suitable for patrolling in the areas of industry, mining, etc.

WM5000P5 + give some featured in its use, such as: GPS + GPRS + RFID as a function of operational, Real time transactions that will make it easier for officers to submit data, SOS alarm serves as a sign of the State of emergency when officers on patrol, tracking a replay which operators could repeat the track passed by patrol officers with using the software. very easy to management efficiency in the results report the results of a patrol already in design with very easy to understand.

Components in 1 package:

  1. Reader WM5000P5 + = 1 Unit
  2. POGO Pin Cable for data Download = 1 Unit
  3. Adapter Charger for WM5000P5 + = 1 Unit
  4. Checkpoint Tags = 20 Pcs
  5. Guard Tag = 5 Pcs
  6. Belt Holster = 1 Unit
  7. Software CD = 1 Pcs




Dimension Height 102mm
Width 62 mm
Thickness 26 mm wide
Weight 144g


IP Rate


Operating Temperature

-40 ℃ ~ + 85 ℃

Reading Mode

GPS location and RFID tag reading
GPS locating accuracy ≤ 10 m,
RFID tag: 125Khz
3 cm-5 cm reading distance




Rated voltage: 3.7 V
Rated capacity: 2000Amh
Dimension: 69mm × 41mm × 6.3 mm

Standby time

1.28hours (send data per 70 seconds)
2.15hours (send data per 10 seconds)

Data Storage

16Mbit flash, 60,000 pieces


Vibration with Colorful LED Flash

Tag ID number

1.8 bit Hexadecimal number in reader (4 bytes), and 10 bit decimalism number in the software.
2. Can be expanded to 10 bit Hexadecimal number (5 bytes).







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