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GPRS Real Time Guard Tour System (WM-5000L5)
GPRS Real Time Guard Tour System (WM-5000L5)
GPRS Real Time Guard Tour System (WM-5000L5)
GPRS Real Time Guard Tour System (WM-5000L5)
GPRS Real Time Guard Tour System (WM-5000L5)
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Specification of

Guard patrol (WM5000L5) have adopted a system of 3 g/GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) for the delivery of the data. This system has been very popular in the world of technology today, so it is very useful and helps every security stationed. With 3 g/GPRS technology this tool will always be connected to the control system so that the data of the patrol will stay awake. WM5000L5 has also been equipped with a system panic alarm button, allowing security to be able to provide an emergency at the time on patrol.

How To Use Reader WM5000L5:

  1. Security Tag detection/ID Tag on each scratch Guard on patrol.
  2. Tag detection location/Checkpoint tags that already installed previously on point location will be patrolled.
  3. After the detection of the location of the Tag/Checkpoint Tags then the Reader WM5000L5 will send the data to a control center that there are internet network with 3 g/GPRS system.
  4. The control center will see and receive data in real time.


wm5000L5Components in 1 package:

  1. Reader 5000L5 WM = 1 Unit
  2. Pogo Pin USB Cable for downloading Data = 1 Unit
  3. Adapter for Charger Reader WM 5000L5 = 1 Unit
  4. Checkpoint Tags = 20 pcs
  5. Guard Tag = 5 pcs
  6. Software CD = 1 Unit
  7. Belt Holsters for WM 5000L5 = 1 Unit





Height 102mm
Width 62 mm
Thickness 26 mm wide
Weight 144g



IP Rate


Operating Temperature

-25 ℃ ~ + 85 ℃

Reading Mode

RFID 125 KHz
Reading distance
3 cm-5 cm


USB, (CP2102, USB 2.0) data upload 15000 pieces per min
GPRS real time data transmission


Rated voltage: 3.7 V
Rated capacity: 2000Amh
Dimension: 69mm × 41mm × 6.3 mm

Standby time

1. ≥ 30days (device turned on, but does not register with the GPRS network
2. ≥ 4days (500 readings and transfer per day)
3. ≥ 16hours (continually sending data)

Data Storage

16Mbit flash, 60,000 pieces


Vibration with Colorful LED light. Red, Green, Blue, White

Tag ID number

1.1 bit Hexadecimal number in reader (4 bytes), and 10 bit decimalism number in the software.
2. Can be expanded to 10 bit Hexadecimal number (5 bytes).







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